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 2008-2009 Board of Directors
2008-2009 IABMR Governance
PresidentDr. Tsute Chen The Forsyth Institute
Vice PresidentDr. Paloma Valverde Boston Biomedical Research Institute & Tufts University
Vice PresidentDr. Elena LevantiniBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Vice PresidentDr. Li-Jun MaThe Broad Insitute of MIT and Harvard
Vice PresidentDr. Addy Alt-HollandTufts University
TreasurerDr. Pu Zhang Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
IT DirectorDr. Tsute Chen The Forsyth Institute
Board of Steering Directors
Dr. Addy Alt-Holland, Tufts University
Dr. Tsute Chen, The Forsyth Institute
Dr. Jay Farkharzadeh, BIOCON Scientific
Dr. Xuesong Gu, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Jacques Izard, The Forsyth Institute
Dr. Elena Levantini, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Dr. Xinyan Liu, Boston University
Dr. Li-Jun Ma, The Broad Insitute of MIT and Harvard
Dr. Shi-liang Ma, The Forsyth Institute
Dr. Taisuke Ohira, Boston University
Dr. Susan Rittling, The Forsyth Institute
Dr. Yiping Shen, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Dr. Wei Tang, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Dr. Kai Tao, Tufts Univeristy
Dr. Takanori Tsuji, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Qisheng Tu, Tufts University
Dr. Paloma Valverde, Boston Biomedical Research Institute & Tufts University
Dr. Ronald E. Vincent, BIOCON Scientific
Dr. Jinxi Wang,
Dr. Limei Wang, MGH/HMS
Dr. Weiming Xia, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Dr. Shuying Yang, The Forsyth Institute
Dr. Li Zeng, Tufts University
Dr. Yumei Zhan, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Pu Zhang, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Board of Directors
Board Member (2007-present)Dr. Addy Alt-HollandTufts University
Board MemberDr. Ricardo BattaglinoThe Forsyth Institute
Board Member (2002-present) Dr. Tsute Chen The Forsyth Institute
Board MemberDr. Chuxia Deng 
Board Member (2006-present)Dr. Jay FarkharzadehBIOCON Scientific
Board Member (2004-present)Dr. Takahiro FukumotoThe Forsyth Institute
Board Member Dr. Reginaldo GoncalvesThe Forsyth Institute
Board Member (2002-present)Dr. Xuesong GuHarvard Medical School
Board Member Dr. Xiaozhe Han The Forsyth Institute
Board MemberDr. Gang Huang 
Board Member (2007-present)Dr. Soichiro IbaragiHarvard Medical School
Board Member (2008-present) Dr. Jacques IzardThe Forsyth Institute
Board Member (2006-present)Dr. Janie Jang Eun LeeThe Forsyth Institute
Board Member (2007-present)Dr. Elena LevantiniBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Board Member (2005-present)Dr. Mike LevinThe Forsyth Institute
Board MemberDr. Peng Liu 
Board MemberDr. Richard Lu 
Board Member (2007-present)Dr. Xinyan LiuBoston University
Board Member (2007-present)Dr. Li-Jun MaThe Broad Insitute of MIT and Harvard
Board MemberDr. Qiangzhong Ma 
Board Member (2006-present)Dr. Shi-liang MaThe Forsyth Institute
Board MemberDr. Seicho MakihiraHiroshima University
Board Member (2001-present) Dr. William McLean 
Board Member (2008-present) Dr. Taisuke OhiraBoston University
Board Member (2005-present) Dr. Jean QiuNexcelom
Board MemberDr. Ruibao Ren 
Board Member (2008-present) Dr. Susan Rittling The Forsyth Institute
Board MemberDr. Fawzy A. Saad 
Board Member (2006-present) Dr. Hajimi Sasaki The Forsyth Institute
Board Member (2007-present)Dr. Yiping ShenMassachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Board MemberDr. David SherrisSherris Pharma Partners
Board MemberDr. Li ShuDental School Shandong University, China
Board MemberDr. Wei Tang Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Board MemberDr. Kai Tao Tufts Univeristy
Board MemberDr. Takanori TsujiHarvard Medical School
Board MemberDr. Qisheng TuTufts University
Board Member Dr. Paloma Valverde HNRCA, Tufts University
Board Member (2006-present) Dr. Ronald E. Vincent BIOCON Scientific
Board MemberDr. Jinxi Wang 
Board MemberDr. Fengfei Wang 
Board Member (2005-present) Dr. Xiang-Dong WangTufts Univeristy
Board Member (2008-present) Dr. Limei WangMGH/HMS
Board MemberDr. Lili Wang 
Board MemberDr. Jing-Wei Xiong MGH/HMS
Board Member (2006-present) Dr. Weiming Xia Brighaam and Women's Hospital
Board MemberDr. Quanli Yang 
Board Member (2006-present)Dr. Shuying YangThe Forsyth Institute
Board MemberDr. Masaru YoshidaHarvard Medical School
Board member (2007-present)Dr. Li Zeng Tufts Univeristy
Board memberDr. Yumei Zhan Harvard Medical School
Board MemberDr. Biliang Zhang 
Board MemberDr. Pu Zhang Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Advisory Board
Chair, President 2006-07Dr. Bai-Lin WuHarvard Medical School; Children's Hospital
President of 2005 Prof. Jake ChenTufts Univeristy
President 2004Dr. Toshi
The Forsyth Institute, Harvard University.
President of 2003Dr. Erxi WuDana Farber Cancer Institute
President of 2002Prof. Yi-Ping
The Forsyth Institute, Harvard University.
Board Member of 2001-2003Prof. Guofu HuBWH, Harvard University.
Honorary Board
Eric Aguiar, MDGeneral Partner, HealthCare Ventures, LLC
Board of Directors at CardioKine
Former Chief Executive Officer of Genovo Inc
Former Managing Director of Philadelphia Ventures
Richard Blumberg, MDChief, Division of Gastroenterology, Brigham & Women’s
Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Scientific Founder of Syntonix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Zheng W. Chen
BIDMC, Harvard University
Frederick A. Curro, DMD, PhDChief of Pharmacotherapeutic Research and Clinical Professor of Oral
Medicine, Bluestone Center for Clinical Research, NYU College of Dentistry
Former Vice President/Director of Corporate Clinical and Medical Affairs,
GlaxoSmithKline and Block Drug Company, Inc.
Former Executive Director of Clinical Research and Operations, Transkaryotic
Therapies, Inc.
Hideki MitaniFounder and Managing Director of Roberts Mitani, LLC
Managing Member of TTC-RMA Venture Partners, LLC
Managing Member of Nagayama IP Holdings, LLC
Board Member of Diversified Natural Products, Inc.
Former Senior Executive at Goldman Sachs and Sumitomo Bank
Visiting Professor at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, Graduate School
of International Business
Richard L. Pharo, ScDVice President, The Forsyth Institute
Former Administrative Director at the Eye Research Institute of Retina Foundation
Former Associate Director for Research Affairs at Massachusetts General Hospital
Vicki Rosen, PhD Department Head, Tissue Growth and Repair, The Forsyth Institute
Professor, Oral and Developmental Biology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Former Director of BMP Research at Genetics Institute
Former Distinguished Research Scientist at Genetics Institute/Wyeth Research
Martin A Taubman
The Forsyth Institute, Harvard University.
Steven Wardell, MBAPrincipal, CPP Advisors, LLC
Z-Cube, the corporate venture capital arm of Zambon Group S.P.A.
Grace H. W. Wong, PhD Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, ActoKine Therapeutics
Founder and President of Student Vision
Former Post-doc and Scientist at Genentech, Former Head of Apoptosis Research
at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Section Head of Molecular Genetics at AstraZeneca
and Head of Cytokine and Reproductive Genomics at Serono
(87 publications [5 Nature, 1 Science, 3 Cell] and 27 patents)
Kai W. Wucherpfennig
DFCI, Harvard University

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