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Posted on: Feb 21, 2008; by admin Printer-friendly page
 2008 IABMR-NCLS Happy Dance Club Joint Potluck Party

IABMR-NCLS Happy Dance Club Joint Potluck Party
IABMR: International Association for Biological & Medical Research
NCLS: Newton Chinese Language School

United Church of Christ, Congregational

6 Lexington Street, Burlington, MA 01803 US
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When: Saturday, February 23, 6:15PM


6:15-6:45: Registration for food contest
6:45-6:50: Introduction
6:50-7:00: IABMR President Remark
                 NCLS Happy Dance Club President Remark
7:00-8:15: Potluck dinner and food contest
8:15-8:45: Talent show (Volunteers needed)
8:45-9:00: Fun and gift for kids (RSVP with kids info)
9:00-9:30: Special performance by the NCLS dancing groups
9:30-9:50: Delicious Dishes Awards;
                 IABMR Awards
                 IABMR President-Elect Remark
                 VIP Remark
9:50-11:30: Social and Dance

  Posted on: Thursday, February 21, 2008 - 05:47 PM; by: admin

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