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Posted on: Dec 15, 2005; by george Printer-friendly page
 Titles of the competing posters at the 2005 Annual Meeting

IABMR award competition

The 2nd IABMR Annual Scientific Meeting

Thursday 12:30-6:00pm, December 8th, 2005

M. Barbara Schulze Conference Center

The Forsyth Institute 140 Fenway Boston, MA 02115


Titles and authors


[2] Transcription factor FoxO1 mediates the Survival of Photoreceptors Xianjin Yi, Xiaocheng Dong, Shaodong Guo, Morris F. White

[3] Methyl ester of avenanthramide-c inhibits TNF_- and IL-1_-induced NF-_B activation in endothelial cells Weimin Guo1, Mitchell L Wise2, David Peterson2, Mohsen Meydani1.

[4] Two most common SLC26A4 mutations (IVS7-2A>G and H723R) in the Chinese patients with NS-SNHL and EVA Pu Dai1, Liu Xin1, Va Lip2, Yu Fei1, Hong Fang2, Yuan Huijun1, Margaret Kenna2, Yang Weiyan1, Orah Platt2, Han dongyi1,*, Bai-Lin Wu2,*

[5] Osterix Transduction Induces an Osteogenic Phenotype in Bone Marrow Stromal Cells in vitro and Stimulates Healing of Critical-sized Defects in murine Calvarial Bone* Qisheng Tu1, Paloma Valverde1, Jean Tang1, Sela Cheifetz2 and Jake Chen1

[6] Effects of Doxycycline and Metronidazole on the RANKL-mediated Bone Resorption Gilson C. N. Franco 1,3, Pedro L. Rosalen 3, Francisco C. Groppo 3, Cory Ernst 1, Tadashi Nakanishi 1, Martin A. Taubman 1, John D. Bartlett 2, Toshihisa Kawai 1.

[7] Using Novel Oncogene SALL4 as a Diagnostic Marker for B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL) Wei Cui1, Nikki Kong1, Li Chai2

[8] Using Zebrafish to Define Vascular Patterning Jing-Wei Xiong, Jiaojiao Zhang, Shannon Fishman, Patrick Faloon and Mark Fishman

[9] Cathepsin K-Deficient Mice Exhibit Pycnodysostosis Geatures due to Loss of Cathepsin K-Mediated Osteoclast Senescence for Bone Homeostasis. Y. P. Li1, Y. Abe1, R. Isoda1, R. Moroi1, S. Yang1, J. Z. Shao1, E. Li*2, W. Chen1.

[10] Effects of Concentrated Ambient Particles on Macrophage Phagocytosis and Killing of Streptococcus pneumoniae Hongwei Zhou1 and Lester Kobzik 1, 2

[11] The Molecular Basis of Alternate Jaw Morphologies R. Craig Albertson1, J. Todd Streelman2, Thomas D. Kocher3, and Pamela C. Yelick1

[12] A gap junction protein is required for stem cell maintenance and regeneration in the freshwater planarian Schmidtea mediterranea. NÚstor J. Oviedo & Michael Levin

[13] Ets-1 is a critical regulator of p47phox and the generation of reactive oxygen species in response to Angiotensin II Weihua Ni, Yumei Zhan and Peter Oettgen

[14] Dlx5 Promotes Osteogenic Differentiation in a Transgenic Model J. ZHU1, L. LI1, Q. TU1, J. TANG1, T. YONEDA2, and J. CHEN1

[15] GENETIC APPROACHES IN HUMAN CONGENITAL DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIA Sibel Kantarci, Ph.D.1, Barbara Pober, M.D.1,4, Thomas B. Kinane, MD1, Lihadh Al-Gazali, MD2, David Casavant, M.D.1, Dick Tibboel, MD, Ph.D3, Meaghan Russell1, M.P.H.1, Jay M. Wilson, MD4, Charles Lee, Ph.D.5, Patricia K. Donahoe, M.D.1

[16]Bone Sialoprotein (BSP) Gene Promotes Bone Formation in vitro Helen M. Chen1, Ji Zhu2, Jake Chen2, Paloma Valverde2

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