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Posted on: Jan 23, 2004; by admin Printer-friendly page
 The first public IABMR symposium was a great success!
The first publicly announced IABMR symposium, sponsored by Boston BioProducts and Quercegen, was held between 4 and 7pm on January 22nd, 2004 at the MEC Carl Walter Amphitheater, Harvard Medical School. More than 70 attendees enjoyed the Great talks, good food and enthusiastic discussions and chats. Big thanks to Drs. Taubman, Chen, and Wucherpfennig for their presentations and acceptance to be on the Advisory Committee as Honorary Members. Feedback can be sent to <info at="at"> or posted in our Discussion Forum.</info>
  Posted on: Friday, January 23, 2004 - 05:32 PM; by: admin

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